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IMLS National Leadership Grant for Libraries awarded to Linked Jazz team for development of DADAlytics text analysis tools

The School of Information at Pratt Institute will develop a prototype of DADAlytics, a modular tool that performs supervised entity extraction from archival documents for generating linked open datasets, lowering barriers to entry for institutions seeking to create linked open data from archival materials. This project will build on previous work to develop the Linked Jazz Transcript Analyzer, extending that tool’s functionality and making it more widely available for use by other institutions.



Grant funds will support the research and data gathering needed to inform the redesign and reengineering of the tool, including an environmental scan, a series of meetings with key stakeholders and the development of a prototype.
IMLS National Leadership Grant for Libraries, National Digital Platform – Planning Grant

“We are thrilled that the IMLS will be supporting a project in the heart of New York City at Pratt Institute’s School of Information: Dr. Cristina’s Pattuelli’s project “DADAlytics: A Tool to Steer Digital Culture Heritage to the Semantic Web.” We expect this project will lead to great insight and make significant progress in developing tools that help expose and connect the digital cultural heritage content held by libraries, archives and museums. This work will positively impact researchers, students, and anyone interested in discovering cultural heritage content through the web.”
Dr. Anthony Cocciolo, Interim Dean, Pratt Institute School of Information.

Mentioned in a press release from Sen. Schumer’s office:

Linked Jazz Reviewed in the Journal of the American Musicological Society

Dr. Michael Heller, jazz scholar and musicologist at University of Pittsburgh, positively reviewed the work of Cristina Pattuelli and Linked Jazz for the Journal of the American Musicological Society’s Fall 2016 issue.


“The Linked Jazz project is to be highly commended for actively developing new computational tools by which to aid jazz historical work. By closely defining the object of analysis, methodically developing appropriate digital tools, and doing so in close dialog with other current movements in information science (particularly LOD), the project is building a powerful and adaptable digital humanities tool with a tremendous degree of future potential. In addition, by making both the full data set and the source code of the software freely available through the open-source ‘MIT License,’ its designers make it possible for other programmers and researchers to build up-on those tools in any number of creative ways.”

– Michael C. Heller [1]

1. Heller, M.C. (2016). Review: Linked Jazz. Journal of the American Musicological Society, 69(3), 879-891. doi: 10.1525/jams.2016.69.3.879.

Dr. Pattuelli Recognized by Jazz Education Network

Dr. Cristina Pattuelli, director of the Linked Jazz project, received special recognition for outstanding contribution to the field of jazz education from the Jazz Education Network during the 8th Annual JEN Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, January 4-7, 2017.

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Congratulations, Dr. Pattuelli!

LODLAM Course Now Offered at Pratt SI

Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives, and Museums (LODLAM) is one of the fastest growing areas of data development, offering users new and exciting avenues of creation, discovery, interaction, and analysis of digital cultural heritage content.

LIS 670 introduces the fundamental principles, best practices, and latest technologies behind Linked Data and the Semantic Web. The course will cover the lifecycle of linked data development — from data modeling to dissemination and consumption. Through a series of readings, guest speakers, and projects, students will explore how memory institutions and cultural organizations create and share Linked Open Data.

This course is taught by Dr. Cristina Pattuelli, Associate Professor at Pratt Institute School of Information, Director of the Linked Jazz Project, and Co-Chair of the 4th International LODLAM Summit.