Linked Jazz Now Part of Semantic Lab at Pratt

We are pleased to announce the introduction of the Semantic Lab at Pratt. Linked Jazz will now find its new home under The Semantic Lab collective. We appreciate your continued interest and support as we expand the Linked Jazz semantic work in new directions.

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Revealing the Relationships of the Jazz Community

Linked Jazz is a research project investigating the application of Linked Open Data technologies to digital cultural heritage materials. Our goals are:

  • To uncover meaningful connections between documents and data related to the personal and professional lives of jazz artists, and
  • To develop broadly applicable tools and methods for working with Linked Open Data.

The project draws on jazz history materials in digital format to expose relationships between musicians and reveal their community network. New modes of connecting cultural data have the potential to open up new and unprecedented avenues of research and community engagement.

Entry video for 2013 LODLAM Summit Challenge


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