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Ecco!, a new tool from Linked Jazz

Ecco! is a Linked Open Data application designed to disambiguate and reconcile named entities with URIs from authoritative sources.

Technically, Ecco! creates a wrapper around LOD APIs of suitable datasets such as VIAF and Freebase to retrieve data useful for supporting entity matching. The system automatically ranks and groups the results into different clusters according to various confidence levels — from exact matches to one-to-many or no matches.

The quality of the data output can be further refined through human disambiguation consisting of validating a match or identifying the correct URI when multiple matches are possible. Ecco! is designed to enable users to quickly and easily contribute to this curation process.

The system provides an intuitive user interface that supports a collaborative workflow where a community can work together in a distributed and incremental way. The combination of automated matching plus human curation has the potential to produce a superior quality of data, not currently achievable through traditional methods.

Ecco! was demoed at the 2014 International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications in Austin. You can view the poster here and read the abstract here.

View a demo install of Ecco! reconciling archival terms here:

Follow development here:

More information, instructions and tutorials coming soon.